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Magic Com Dulce de Leche Recipe

magic com dulce de leche recipe

Magic Com Dulce de Leche? Fortunately it’s a very easy to cook and I seriously have a very bad habbit now.

Everytime I saw food post on Facebook, I’ve become really curious how to make it. If the recipe doesn’t write on their post, i try to  look at it with google. It’s not that after find the recipe then i suddenly bake it, i usually copied the recipe to my evernote until i ready to make them. It could be one or two months ahead #lol

Yesterday I saw Dulce de Leche’s post at one of my friend’s post  on Facebook. I’m one of her follower and adore her photoworks. Her Food Photograph is so awesome and She’s one of the best Food Photography i know. I called Her Mba Yulyan, and I also collected her bento book too.

magic com dulce de leche recipe

When she posted Dulce de Leche on her facebook post, she said she’s using slow cooker to make it. I often heard about slow cooker or read about it in several recipes, but the truth is i don’t really know how the slow cooker looks like. So after that i asked Mba Eliza, she also my favorite Food Photograph, her photo also awesome and she sent the picture of slow cooker, and i thought it looks like a majic com? She said slow cooker usually used to make baby porridge, so it’s fit if you using it for Dulce de Leche.

Well i don’t have slow cooker, but i do have Magic Com to cook rice. And I thought… Why don’t i use it instead? So yeah, i decide using magic com to cook The Dulce de Leche. I only have small Magic Com at home, because i’m not often cook rice much. It doesn’t take too much time to cook it. You only need to wait 3-4 hours to have a nice and solid dulce de leche.

So here’s the recipe

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Dulce de Leche Recipe

1 can of sweeted condensed milk


How to Make

  1. Put the naked sweeted condensed milk can in the magic com bowl.
  2. Fill the bowl with water, the water must cover all of the can. As for me, it’s almost full fill the bowl.
  3. Turn on the Magic Com’s Button and set timer for 3-4 hours.

Noted: after two hours, try to open the Magic Com’s lid and see if there’s water in it. If it’s start to dry, add some more water and continue to cook.

And that’s it. You’ll have a Dulce the Leche at your kitchen

Happy Baking



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