Hokkaido Cake

Hokkaido Cake
Hokkaido Sponge
          150 gr whole eggs
          100 gr egg yolks
          100 gr sugar
          15 gr cake emulsifier
          20 gr fresh milk
          75 gr cake flour
          25 gr corn starch
          25 gr butter
          4 gr vanilla extract
Chocolate Filling
Vivo Topping Ace (dairy cream)
Tulip  Chocolate filling
How to make
Whip all ingridients for 7 minutes with high speed. Melt the butter, fold into the batter. Fill in to paper cup ¾, bake on double tray “bain maire” for 160C for 25-30 minutes. Let it cool and inject the chocolate filling cream in it
To prepare chocolate filling cream


Whip vivo topping Ace and mix Tulip Chocolate Filling
Chocolate Filling Cream


Hokkaido Cake menul menul 😀


Cream di tusuk ke cake setelah cake dingin

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